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The NET Academy

The NET Academy, a network of fellows and affiliates, honours those who by combining science, courage, and passion have contributed to the development and dissemination of Narrative Exposure Therapy NET and its special adaptations such as KIDNET, FORNET, and NETfacts.

Many NET-workers have worked and are still actively working under the umbrella of our affiliated NGO vivo: www.vivo.org that has consequently demonstrated international leadership and expertise in fieldwork in war and crisis regions around the globe.

One set of colleagues in our ‘NET Hall of Fame’ are those who were driven by using the power of science to overcome traumatic stress and its adverse consequences via academic research. Others are those who go out to or live in countries as well as neighbourhoods of war, crisis, and violence to support survivors in need. Then of course there are wonderful teachers and trainers of NET around the world. And most importantly the countless patient and courageous non-expert counsellors who work with NET on a daily basis, listening to the stories of the victims as well as the perpetrators in order to heal them.

While NET has helped tens of thousands, it would be needed for millions. This has led to a large variety of applied NET dissemination research models, among them our community-based approach 'NETfacts', a powerful possibility to guide societal development. Together with vivo international we honour this work at NET Academy.


In Narrative Exposure Therapy NET we acknowledge that psychotrauma can only be healed by two components: treatment of the psychological wound and acknowledment of the human rights abuse that has taken place. This is why members of NET Institute are active in various advocacy forums. 

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