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Who we are at NET Institute

All the presenters were very experienced in the model, they presented information in a very confident and clear manner and they definitely helped increase my own confidence in using NET too.

I liked the style of the presenters, they were very engaging and used examples of their own practice appropriately to help make links between theory and practice.

Dr Eirini Athanasopoulou,
clinical psychologist, Glasgow

Trainers were fantastic. Very kind and knowledgeable. Felt I learnt a lot.
But was a very intense few days.

Dr Charlie Strong, Consultant clinical psychologist,

We are a small group of experts, committed to the dissemination of Narrative Exposure Therapy NET, and to the creation of a global NETwork.

At our seminars and trainings courses you will learn

Founders of NET Institute

Prof. Dr. Thomas Elbert

  • Professor Emeritus of Clinical Psychology and Behavioural Neurosciences (University of Konstanz)
  • Honorary Professor (Université Lumiére, Bujumbura)
  • Member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science
  • Hector fellow
  • Recipient of the ‘Deutscher Psychologiepreis’ (highest German Award for Psychology)    
  • Co-Developer of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)
  • Co-Founder of vivo international www.vivo.org, a charitable NGO

Dr. Elisabeth Kaiser MA, MPH

  • Trainer & Supervisor in all fields of NET
  • Consultant Clinical Psychologist
  • Executive Committee Member and Lecturer for Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), University of Konstanz, Germany
  • Co-Founder of vivo international: www.vivo.org
  • Implementor of large, field-based NET projects in (post-) war and crisis regions
  • Psychotraumatologist and Psychotherapist with a focus on healing and empowerment after trauma and adversity
  • Testimony Bearer
  • Expert Witness at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Den Haag

Dr. Katy Robjant

  • Consultant Clinical Psychologist
  • Vice president of vivo international: www.vivo.org
  • Specialised in treatment of trauma spectrum disorders amongst asylum seekers, refugees, and survivors of modern slavery and torture.
  • Expert evidence witness in British and European jurisdictions
  • Advisor to various UN bodies on the psychological impact of Human Rights abuses
  • Numerous academic publications in the areas of trauma, violence, narrative exposure therapy, and asylum seeker / refugee issues

PD Dr. Maggie Schauer

  • Psychotraumatologist
  • Co-Developer of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)
  • Co-Founder of vivo international: www.vivo.org
  • Top research fields: multiple and complex traumatisation in child and adult survivors of organised and family violence, survivors of torture, and human rights violations, refugees and asylum seekers; transgenerational consequences of violence and neglect
  • Coordinator of aid projects in war and crisis regions after humanitarian and natural disasters
  • Founding and advisory board member of the ‘BabyForum’, a network of specialists for the care of pregnant women, preventive care for children, and early childhood care
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, SISST
  • Recipient of the August Forel Prize, Ellikon, Switzerland, as well as the Jaap-Chrisstoffels Guest Professorship of the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Awardee of the Carl-Friedrich-von-Weizsäcker Prize of the German National Academy of Science ‘Leopoldina’. The award recognises ‘the outstanding contribution to the scientific work on socially important challenges’.

NET Institute’s Vision & Mission

The vision of NET Institute is a world free of violence

At NET Institute we acknowledge that the driving force of the cycle of violence throughout generations is the victimisation of humans. As a result, individuals and entire societies are wounded. Psychotraumatisation as well as readiness for Appetitive Violence results – people live on as victims and perpetrators.

NET Institute aims to break these cycles of victimisation, aggression, and violence by disseminating trauma-therapeutic treatment knowledge at all levels – from non-expert helpers to experienced professionals in the field.

As the originators of NET, we want to ensure a true delivery of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) that is loyal to its evidence-based model, disseminating with compassion and authenticity, and always adapting to scientific knowledge.

Being the ‘Home of NET’, the Institute aims to create a community of NET practitioners that is spanning the globe, disseminating the healing knowledge of this trauma therapy for the benefit of all who suffer – contributing to building peace in the individual, the family, and the community and at the same time documenting and acknowledging the human rights abuses that have taken place so that their remembrance may enlighten and heal the path of humanity’s future.

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