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NET – The Training Day

The NET Training Day is a day full of practical skill learning

In the morning we observe the technique of narrative exposure in a live demonstration, where a NET Institute practitioner is working through a client’s life experience, applying narrative exposure. 

After Q&A we will go into small groups and practice the application of narrative exposure under supervision.

Back in the plenary, you will have the opportunity for sharing of the experiences and discussion of technical issues. Subsequently, participants join another small group and get the opportunity to work through a new event.

Once again after sharing in our small group and feedback in the plenum, we will engage in a large group exercise, to sharpen and consolidate our narrative exposure skills with the help of immediate and supportive feedback by our group moderators.

By the end of the 2-day NET Fundamentals Training & 1-day NET Training Day, you will be ready to begin practicing Narrative Exposure Therapy under supervision.


Requires completion of NET fundamentals, includes small groups with guided self-exploration.


1 day, 9am to 5pm, total of 450 min continuous education


490€ per participant


max. 20 participants; max. 5 participants/1 NET Institute trainer for each small group.

Check Home page for current Open Seminars to register individually.

For group offers please inquire at info@net-institute.org.

Terms of service

For all our events, please note our terms of service and our rules on confidentiality and safety

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