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NET Fundamentals Training

In this two-day course you will learn the fundamental theoretical and practical underpinnings of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET).

The training includes both lectures and demonstrations. You will gain an overview of how the therapy is delivered step by step, including the three ‘steps’ of NET.

In step 1 we will introduce you to the checklists and assessment tools that we use in order to approach trauma material in a structured way and to establish the nature of the traumatic and stressful events that the individual has experienced over the course of their whole life, and to understand the impact this has had on their psychological functioning. You will also observe a live application of step 1 in NET the checklist intake.

In step 2 you will learn how we deliver psychoeducation and the lifeline exercise in NET, it’s function and purpose and understand the benefits of this session for client and therapist in creating a ‘road map’ for treatment. Again you will have the opportunity to observe a live application of step 2 in NET the lifeline.

We will then take you through the exact approach of step 3, the narrative exposure that follows the lifeline session and show you how to process traumatic-, violent-, and stressful life events, as well as how to anchor positive events/life resources in detail according to the NET method, at the same time as creating a narrative account of the client’s whole life. Once again you will get a chance to observe a live application of step 3 in NET narrative exposure.

Finally, we will show you how re-reading of the narrative is done and discuss with you options for the end of treatment.

By the end of the 2-day NET Fundamentals Training & 1-day NET Training Day, you will be ready to begin practicing Narrative Exposure Therapy under supervision.


2 days, 9am to 5pm, total of 900 min continuous education (450 min/per day)


460€ per participant,


usually 15, max. 20 participants

Check Home page for current Open Seminars to register individually. 

For group offers, please inquire at info@net-institute.org

Terms of service

For all our events, please note our terms of service and our rules on confidentiality and safety.

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